Gypsy~Rose welcomes you and yes, is still alive!


Don't fret, Gypsy~Rose is alive and kicking!

Note from Gypsy~Rose:

"Hi all! I hope you are wonderful and having a great year! I apologize for my disappearance but as many of you know I am teaching now and it has taken up most of my time, even my summer time. I am loving it but miss chatting with you all and seeing you in the products I made you! I have been toying with some new processes and products, (like things that are wearable that light up), but am hoping to try and make some horns this summer.

For those of you that are local I *will* be at the NH Renaissance Faire in May, should you want to stop by. I hope to see some of you there!

Thank you for your time and your patience, I appreciate your patronage over the years and hope to still be able to help you all to... 'Be a Character!" - Gypsy~Rose