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You have found THE place for: costume horns, costume ears, costume masks, tarot readings, talismans/amulets, portraits and more... all created by Gypsy~Rose since 2001!

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GypsyRoses.Org has two areas now:

1) the main site, (here), where items are made-to-order and take can take up to 4-6 weeks to process and

2) the in stock area, where items are in-stock and can get to you more quickly.

The items on the main site, (GypsyRoses.Org), usually come in pre-set colors. Custom colors are often available and usually cost $15 more, depending on the item. Please contact Gypsy~Rose if you have a custom color that you'd like and visit the Custom or F. A. Q. areas for more details *before* requesting a custom design.

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Gypsy~Rose is a Graduate Student, Graduate Assistant & Artist.



A customer, modeling her Purgatory & Brimstone horns!



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Make sure to read the descriptions, however, as some items ARE made to order also.


Gypsy~Rose is a New Hampshire artist that started GypsyRoses.Org in 2001. At first she was selling her handcrafted jewelry, then she moved to costuming, then portraiture and macro photographer and now to pottery, also! She has a BFA from maine College of Art, (1996), and has been blessed to have had some of the most wonderful customers on the face of the planet! Thise customers DO span the globe, which is another fantastic part of Gypsy~Rose's "job", she has made friends from the Netherlands to Ireland, France to Mexico, (Maine), and back again!

Thanks to these customers Gypsy~Rose has been able to do what she always dreamed of doing, being a work-at-home Mom. This makes things tricky, at times, but has been a wonderful gift for her to receive.

If you're looking for something custom then please make sure to visit the custom info. page. Gypsy~Rose's mediums vary from leather to acrylic, rubber to plaster and everything in between so, no matter what you're looking for, there's bound to be something that tickles your fancy. Gypsy~Rose also does gift certificates, should you want one... or more!

Gypsy~Rose looks forward to chatting with you and to helping you to "Be a Character!".



What else can you find here? THAT's a big question!;

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Gypsy~Rose designs & creates everything 100% so please note that most work usually requires 4-6 weeks for processing, since it's made to order.

IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT GYPSY~ROSE; Please be aware that she gets bombarded with e-mails. She will do her best to reply to your e-mail quickly. If you do not hear back from her within 2 weeks please re-send your note or call her directly; 603.755.9587 *9am-7pm EST*




Customer Comments:

"Hello Shannon, I received my horns in the mail today! Thank you sooo much! I love them. They are perfect! When my costume is complete I'll send you photos. If anyone asks me about my horns at Blizzcon I'll be sure to refer them to your site. :) Thanks for all your hard work! All the best." -C. in the US

"They were great and I got so many compliments [on my trimmed, custom Malice III horns]! Also, K. wore his Nature vs. Nurture one day with just jeans and a tshirt and we still got stopped everywhere. We told everyone who commented on them just where they could find them too. Thank you!" -L. in the US

"I wanted to send you some pics of my costume :) Thank you so much for my [custom wooden finished Nuala] horns! I love them!" -S. in the US

"I just wanted to send you a picture wearing the [Full Circle] horns, I *love* them, and they were the perfect accent to my costume! I got lots of compliments, and handed out your cards, if you have any more cards you'd like to send me, I can mail them out with my packages (I have an online store also!) Thank you again so much!" -D in the US

"Sweetheart, they are simply TO DIE FOR! ... *wipes up drool*... thankyouthankyou thankyou! *Does happy satyr dance*... and a big thank you for doing such a wonderful job on the horns..." -S. in the Netherlands

"The shipment arrived today! Wow! I've tried it all on, and, what can I say, it's just brilliant! It's just incredible!!! The tail is just the right length too, & as you said the colours match really well! Thanks again so much for this little lot!" -M. in the UK


What else can you find here? Lots and Lots, ALL designed and created by Gypsy~Rose!:

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Other Services: (in or near NH); Alternative Photography, Alternative Portraiture, Comp Card Photos, TFP Photography, (anywhere),TFP photographers,Alternative Photographers,; Graphic Arts, Graphic Design, Web Design, Talismans and Custom Amulets,,Tarot Readings,NH Psychics,New Hampshire Psychics and more!


Please visit the other links, at the bottom and top of the page, for more services and information. Thank you!

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